The Great Battle | Lazor Wulf | adult swim

Episode Title: The Great Battle | Lazor Wulf | adult swim
Produced by: Adult Swim
Description: Lazor Wulf is about finding the inner strength to buy your own cereal, not dying, and the art of the scam. New episodes on Sundays at midnight. Watch The Wonder Closet on Thursdays at 9p ET for full episodes before they air: SUBSCRIBE: About Adult Swim: Get your Adult Swim fix whenever and wherever you want at, or by downloading the Adult Swim app. Binge marathons or watch selected episodes of many of your favorite shows including Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Venture Bros., Aqua Teen Hunger Force and many more. And check out the Live Stream, our block of live, interactive shows every weekday: Connect with Adult Swim Online: Download the APPS: Visit Adult Swim WEBSITE: Like Adult Swim on FACEBOOK: Follow Adult Swim on TWITTER: Follow Adult Swim on INSTAGRAM: The Great Battle | Lazor Wulf | adult swim

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