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The Lord of the Freaks: The Return of the Freak

The final installment in the Lord of the Freaks trilogy. Will "Mr. Froto" destroy the Ring? Will Aragorn become king?

Lord of the Freaks: The Two Freaks

The Fellowship of the Freaks is broken... but on the bright side, the costumes are better and Legolas, Strider, Merry, and Pippin all showed up!

Lord of the Freaks: The Fellowship of the Freaks

Fandom... used in positive sense it can be a good Thing... but there is always a power that wants more... more... and more! Follow some Happy Hobbits on their journey to destroy a Magic ring that is evil...


A new layer is added to the story... moving pictures... video... this is a new beginning...

Me at the zoo | YouTube

The world has become a strange place. New ideas are found at strange places. When jawed went to the zoo, there was something about the elephants. And then YouTube came into existence. With it came the possitbility of broadcasting new stories all around the world. A real game changer!


What will you do, when they get you?

What will you do, when they break you?

If you continue, what will you... become?

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