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YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

YouTube Rewind 2014. Celebrating the moments, memes, and people that made 2014.

Last Week Tonight - Episode 1: No Excuse please, we're British

Being a pain in the a*** is his Job - and John Oliver does it good as he proves in the first Episode run of Last Week Tonight.

The Spoony One - 2014

Spoony's fall beginns... From episodes with various contents he plunged towards doing the same over and over again... Let's see where he goes from here...

Some Jerk with a Camera - 2014, really?

Is this really the season 2014 already? Is it really some Jerk with a Camera? Okay...

MarzGurl - Season 9

MarzGurl's channel is doing well this year. Viewers are growing and other projects are coming along...

Pumpktoberfest - All that remains... | Maven of the Eventide

Some people say there are vampires. Some people say there are no vampires. But I say: Maven of the Eventide is a vampire! She is writing her own "Vampire Chronicles", but she has alos been affected by the "Blip Incident".
This is all that remains of her adventures of "Pumpktoberfest" and more. Let's take a look...

Cool Hard Logic - Episode 3: Batshit everywhere

In this season CoolHardLogic takes a look at... batshit. A looooooot of batshit!

Nostalgia Critic - Episode 7: The Inglorious Seven

The Nostalgia Critic is back again and has to face some changes...

Storyline 8: "The Machinations of Worms" - AT4W Storyline Compilations

This deals with Linkara's confrontation with another Outer God - the King of Worms!

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