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Nostalgia Critic Is Horrible (Deadpool 2 Response)

Nostalgia Critic Is Horrible (Deadpool 2 Response) - another take on an episode of desaster.

Channel Awesome Retrospective #5 | Cyborcat

After a break following the #changethechannel document the CA retrospective is back. NobleAbsinthe and Extramana are collabing to bring to you a retrospective series on every contributor at Channel Awesome (formerly known as TGWTG). The reviewing community on YouTube owes a lot to guys like Doug Walker and James Rolfe for propelling many of the YouTube “celebrities” we see today. Channel Awesome also serves as decent folklore about the early days of YouTube.

Today’s episode is on Cyborcat, a long time contributor to the site.

Abduction as Romance

Kidnapping as a romance is a media cliché in which a man kidnaps or imprisons a woman and eventually falls in love with him. Abduction as Romance is one of a number of popular media tropes that portray violence against women and abusive male behavior as necessary, exciting or romantic.

Channel Awesome: Episode VIII - The Walker Menace

This thing about Channel Awesom goes on...

Why I Love The Last Jedi

Consider the prequels redeemed!