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TL;DR - TL;DR Doesn't Understand Anita Sarkeesian

Skulls shouldn't have eyes. That thing is going to give me nightmares.

Sorry about this.

Last Week Tonight - Episode 3: The Writing's on the Wall

The writing's on the wall... bad things are coming... Where do we go from here? And still Last Week Tonight goes on...

CoolHardLogic - Episode 5: Battle of the Snowflakes

CoolHardLogic expands his attempt to fight stupidity. He does the thinking for many people, especially flattards...

Everything GREAT About Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace!

Let's get back to all these things that were said about the Star Wars Prequels by another serial talking about movie mistakes. Let's balance it out with regarding all the wonderful things that were in Episode I.

The Truth About "The Truth About Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

Spoilers for Star Wars & I guess Harry Potter, if you're the one person in the world who hasn't heard of Harry Potter. About the strange thoughts about a movie...

Black Nerd of 2016

He's allowed to call Miss Morgan with her first name Kendall: Black Nerd Andre! He is back!

"The Price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance" - Introduction: Genesis - Land Of Confusion

I must have dreamed a thousand dreams, been haunted by a million screams, but I can hear the marching feet Moving into the street.
What is happening? What has happened? This is the Land of Confusion. And once more there's a truth spoken out: The Price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance!

Feminism - WHY YOU NEED IT! - A Response to Chris Ray Gun

A short & boring one for all you fans of short, boring things

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