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Justin “JewWario” Carmical – In Memoriam

Unfortunately at this point, Justin “JewWario” Carmical’s story comes to the first tragic end that I told you about in the first post of his videos. On January, 23 2014 (two days after he uploaded his last video), Justin comitted suicide. Above is a short video in memory of JewWario, made by Doug Walker from Channel Awesome.

the Pipeline - PS VITA TV (overview)

JewWario goes over how the Vita works and some key points... then his opinion.

the Pipeline - PS VITA TV (unboxing)

JewWario got a PS Vita TV from Jason Bowen... so let's see what's inside!

SCAN THIS! - Monster Farm/Rancher

JewWario brings us to the 5th game in the series... but instead of scanning barcodes, it scans CDs and DVDs!

CoolHardLogic - Episode 2: For the World is Flat and I have touched Globuli

2013 came and went... CoolHardLogic was still fighting stupidity. Science for the win!