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Farewell, FamiKamen Rider

MarzGurl Productions presents “Saraba/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider,” the thrilling conclusion to the story authored by the late Justin Carmical. After a massive fight in Canada, the FamiKamen Rider has gone missing in action, leaving his transformation belt behind and his cartridge vanished. In the aftermath of the battle, a new enemy appears, seeking out the power of the FamiKamen Rider for himself.

For three years, MarzGurl has kept the transformation belt safe from enemy hands. Her search for the missing cartridge proves futile, until Chris, a rare video game collector, stumbles upon the cartridge by chance. Not knowing what he has found, Chris’s curiosity makes him a target for this new evil. As he learns about the history of the FamiKamen Rider, with the additional support of an old friend and a new hero, it is up to MarzGurl and Chris to make the journey to find answers, confront their own fears, and stop this new threat before it is too late.

The Spoony One - 2015 Beginnings

Spoony's fall goes on... well, we have to say good-bye here... maybe we will be seeing him again in the future, but not for now...

MarzGurl - Season 10

MarzGurl's 10th run of her show is splitted in two parts, because there is the big movie coming up and put in next. The season will continue afterwards.

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