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Happy Hobbit: Acorns - Episode 06

Ever wondered how to make acorns edible? Join Kili as she explains how to process this abundant nut, and learn just what Tolkien meant when he said Bilbo was so hungry that he could have eaten acorns... NOTE: I used acorns from California Live Oak, which are very bitter. If you have access to White Oak acorns, they're much less bitter!

Some Jerk with a Camera - 2012, the Doom Year

2012 - THE DOOOOOOOM YEAR... Why? Well, just because...

Happy Hobbit: Thanksgiving - Episode 05 (2012)

Thanksgiving (and all feast holidays) are great times to gather family and friends, but how do you please a mix of dwarves, hobbits, elves and men at your table? Join Fili for some fun tips!

CoolHardLogic: Testing Geocentrism - Part 1

Earth is in danger! Ignorance started spreading around this promising planet. There must be done something against it. CoolHardLogic tries to stand up against the idiocy of the Blue Planet. This is Part one in a series on geocentrism - this video takes a wry look at the subject and how it stacks up against basic observations. This part looks at whether the geocentrist explanation of the seasons holds any merit, why Polaris doesn't move and how basic observations of the inner and outer planets hold up to the ideas of the geocentrist. A simple introduction is given to relevant concepts, providing topic pointers for the viewer who wants to find out more for themselves.

Way to go, CoolHardLogic! Backing up the Science Department, yay!

Happy Hobbit: Second Breakfast Blackberry Cake - Episode 04

This delicious buttermilk cake is great for second breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea, dinner, supper... just about any time!

Happy Hobbit: Blackberrying - Episode 03

Join Kili and Fili for tips on "blackberrying," as Bilbo calls it! Along with a bit of drama caused by a certain Sackville-Baggins...

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