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A Response to Roaming Millennial's "People of Color: You Are Not Oppressed"

I'm being helpful, online.

MarzGurl - Season 12

MarzGurl is still trying new things. Her series isn't getting boring, even after all these years...

Cuphead: The Fake Outrage

it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that the gamers are at it again

Content warning: mega-racist cartoons.

Last Week Tonight - Episode 4: The Shroud of the Dark Side has fallen

Dark times on planet Earth: Mankind lives in the Age of Trump, Brexit and raging nationalism. Like a beacon of light there is "Last Week Tonight"...

So, about that Amazing Atheist video... A Clear View

Pronoun notefrom Shaun: "I call Milo 'he' in the old clips in this video, but Milo uses 'they' these days, I believe."

Content warning: Sexual assault, violence, transphobic insults

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