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The Spoony One – The Classic Pre-TGWTG Era

Once in a lifetime there is a man, and he’s the man! He’s got all the powers! Lost in the world of past, in the echo of ancient blast, there is a man of future, a man of mystery. No trails to lead the way, in his search for a yesterday. Misty illusions hiding his famous destiny.

Spoony, the touch of fire. Spoony, the proud and free desire.
He never sees the sun, he’s always on the run, him and his days are gone.
They say he will go on, his search goes on and on.

Spoony! He’s forsaken the name! And the world was like fire!
He’s gonna make all the wild things look tame tonight, in his fight!
Spoony, he’s the man! *

* Text taken from the lyrics of “Yor’s World” by Oliver Onions. But it fits anyway.

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