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Tolkien and Herbert - The World Builders - Extra Sci Fi

Mythic worldbuilding and intentionality just weren't staples of science fiction until the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and Frank Herbert were published. We'll be doing an analysis of The Lord of the Rings and Dune, respectively--works that still stand out today because they are meticulously crafted.

Independence Day vs. War of the Worlds

Alita: Battle Angel - Passport to Iron City Review and Hot Sauce Tasting! #alitaexperience

MarzGurl and Josh visited the early opening of the Passport to Iron City promotional event for the upcoming film Alita: Battle Angel. They discuss the activities featured in the event and share the cool stuff they gifted them with. Also, hot wings with themed Iron City hot sauces! And delicious chocolate!

Beyond the Black Rims - Season 9, Episode 12

* new Ghostbusters movie announced
*Car fires at ALA
*Spider-Man: Far From Home first trailer

Beyond the Black Rims: Season 9, Episode 11

* Netflix's Carmen Sandiego first look
* The Batman to film this year
* the week in Overwatch

Why Scientists Briefly Thought the Earth Was Hollow

Our understanding of the world has to start somewhere! And while early ideas like the Hollow Earth Theory are mostly wrong and sound silly to us now, that doesn’t mean they weren’t important.
Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5 - Atop the Fourth Wall

Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. In this first review of 2019, Linkara returns to Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters!

Blockbuster Buster | Justice League (ft. Linkara & Obscurus Lupa)

It's The 300th Episode and The Mightiest Reviewers join forces to take on the Worst Movies.

Extra History: Sun Yat-sen

Growing up in Honolulu, Sun Yat-sen had an expansive, exciting education, which would inspire him when he moved to Hong Kong as a young adult ready to change the world as a doctor--and as the leader of the "Revive China Society" interested in overthrowing the Qing government.

How to Talk About Hard Sh**...........(aka Climate Change)

Talking about climate change is hard. Not talking about climate change is easy. But if we want to keep our planet livable then we have to do the hard thing and not the easy thing. But how do we do the hard thing? I asked some of my favorite creator friends to help me figure that out.

The Story of Darth Vader | Star Wars Rebels

The compilation arc of Darth Vader vs Kanan, Ezra, and the Ghost crew in the series Star Wars Rebels.


"Idiots! Fools!"

Aisha McClure ran out of the building. Eleos Klimba was right there waiting.
"What's going on?", he asked.
"Nothing!", she replied angrily, "That's the Problem! This Usovai'i ambassador... he's just... he..."
"He's the same idiot like the prostate of this silly star empire!"
"Oooof!", Eleos said. "They are the Usovai'i Star Association - or Usovai'i Rognad Gootwac, as it's called in their language. Hadly an empire. Not in size and not in... well..."

"YES I KNOW!", she yelled. "And still, they behave like imperialists. These fools want no contracts with nobody. They even want to go on confrontation with everybody. This could mean war! And they allow ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. to maintain their presence here - but they will not take part in anything about building up a new Station! GRAND VIEW Station is almost destroyed! How shall we go on? An…

You Know Who: DOCTOR WHO 11x4 Arachnids in the U.K. Reaction

Brian Heinz, The Last Angry Geek, reacts to an episode of Doctor Who that features unconvincing animation and that's just Chris Noth.

Death Book Release news! | Maven of the Eventide

Elisa's apocalyptic dark fantasy novel, The Company of Death, finally has a release date! And a cover! You can order it right here: CLICK!

We're not sure if the apocalypse is that far away...

Star Wars Resistance Rewind #1.12 | Getting to Know Neeku

Meet Neeku, Team Fireball's Nikto mechanic, and Josh Brener, the actor who gives the character his infectiously optimistic personality.

Vampire Playthroughs: VtM: Bloodlines Part 8

In which we somehow fail at so many doors and encounter a Chinese hopping vampire.

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 - Mid-Season Trailer (Official)

The First Order has arrived, and it's up to Kaz to rally his friends to defend the Colossus. Get your first look at what's next for Star Wars Resistance this season in a harrowing mid-season trailer, and tune in when Star Wars Resistance returns.

A Short Look at "After School": The Comedy That Wasn't

Lupa stumbled over a movie that reminded her of something familiar...

Blockbuster Buster | Tran5formers

As the 300th Episode draws near ERod once again takes time to Bust The Bay (Michael).

200th Episode! - Beyond the Black Rims: Season 9, Episode 10

MarzGurl is back with "Beyond the Black Rims". See the 200th episode featuring:

* The America adaptation of 'Your Name' to be very 'western'
* The Blue Light Special in New York last night
* Josh and MarzGurl's best of 2018

CBI: The PULL LIST - December 2018

The Last Angry Geek bids farewell to 2018 with quickie reviews of:
-Uncanny X-Men #3
-Shazam! #1
-Detective Comics #944
-Champions Annual #1

The Most Ridiculous Conclusion from a Conspiracy Theorist EVER!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today for Tinfoil Tuesday we return to take a look at our old friend Jason Maggard.  He has an idea that planes are smaller than we are told and that, unbelievably, elevation is a hoax!!  Hold on tight team!

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