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The Planet of Peril

Jarmo Dorak turned around. He stood close to a building under some sort of sun shield. He wore the black uniform shirt of STAR COMMAND, together with the trousers in khaki colours so everybody near him could recognize him as an officer of the space fleet. But he would have been recognized anyway. He was on planet Muinole in the territory of the VESPUSIAN STAR ALLIANCE. He was fascinated by the appearance of the Vespusians, their big round dark black eyes. You could not see any pupils in those eyes. For a stranger it took some time getting used to looking at a Vespusian. Humans of the earth were accustomed to perceive viewpoints with their counterpart. It was impossible with the eyes of the Vespusians. They always seemed to look in all directions.

What was noticeable about the Vespusians was the chalk-white skin. A Terran would have thought that a person with such a white skin would easily get a sunburn, but it was not always like that. There were Vespusians who were amazingly resista…

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