New Worlds to Conquer!

Jarmo Dorak was a young man in his twenties. To be exact, he was 29, but he looked younger. And although he was rather young, he was the chosen one to open up this new section of STAR COMMAND. The part of the galaxy where it should have its headquarter was known as "Urdam Bardogh". The new section was called Central League of Urdam Bardogh or C.L.U.B. in short. So the name was STAR COMMAND C.L.U.B.

As a representative of the space fleet he went to the planet for the new headquarter where he should be the guest of a ceremony held by locals. The inhabitants of the planet (it was named Ujou) had a long tradition of ceremonies of all kinds. And they invited Jarmo to come to the Oracle of Pyra, where the ceremony should take place. It was a great honour because the place was really old. So Jarmo came there and...

...then it was over. Jarmo Dorak felt strange. It seemed that no time had passed while simultaneously he had the impression that a lot of time had passed. He checked his pocket computer. Half an hour had passed. But he could not remember details. Just... something... feelings. And a message.

"You remember what the oracle said to you?", one of the local priests said from behind, standing in the entrance of the oracle building.

Jarmo turned around. "Yes...", he said slowly.

"Well, then you may go on with your life", the priest replied. "May the Force of Somebody be with you on your task. The Space Fleet will always be welcome here. Remember that!"


Jarmo walked a few steps. The message from the oracle became clearer in his head.


But why should I find this cube?, he thought, and suddenly the answer to his question appeared in his mind: BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED IT. GO FIND IT!

Jarmo was shocked. The oracle was still talking to him! Now he remembered pictures of strange places. Somethin like... a way... to the Wind Harp? Who knew?

He decided to make a report to STAR COMMAND that STAR COMMAND C.L.U.B.'s start had been a success and to take care of the Wind Harp later...



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